General questions

What is the difference between public and private courses?

Private (closed) training is organized on the individual request of your company, for your employees only. You choose the date and place of the training. Private training is often delivered “on-site” – on your company’s premises. The training content is tailored for your needs.

Public (open) training is opened to the public with participants coming from different companies. Such courses are organised at scheduled times and location for groups of 3-10 people.

What does a typical training course look like?

Our training courses are practically oriented. This means that we keep presentations and theory down to the necessary minimum and focus on PRACTICE and exercises, working in software and solving problems. We don’t want you to memorize every step you should take or every formula, but to know where to look for answers and how to get help quickly and efficiently. During a typical training 20% of the time is devoted to theory, 60% to practice and 20% to individual exercises.

Does the course price include VAT?

No, course prices do not include VAT. If applicable, VAT rate will be added to your invoice.

Do you offer support after the training?

Yes, after every training you can contact the trainer to ask additional questions and get help with parts of material that you don’t understand.

Will I receive a training completion certificate?

Yes, after every training course participants get a certificate.

Are my skills sufficient to attend an X training?

Essential skills are listed in every course description. Introductory courses can be taken by everyone regardless of their preexisting skills. If you have doubts whether a given training is the right choice for you, contact us. We will help you to choose the training appropriate for your needs and skill level.


Private training courses

How to book a private training course?

Contact us, to receive an offer and discuss the details (course outline, time, location). After accepting an offer we will send you an application form.

More information about private training can be found on the Private courses page.

What is a price of a given training course?

The price of a private training course depends on the number of participants, location and the course outline. If your company is interested in booking a private course, please contact us. Together, we will work out the details of the training and prepare an attractive offer.

Is it possible to customize the training outline?

Yes, in case of private courses the outlines suggested on our website can be modified – it can be extended or shortened, we can add new topics or replace the existing ones.

Do you offer help with choosing the right training or creating the course outline for our company?

Of course! In such situation, we suggest a telephone conference with the trainer who will provide you with more details about each topic, listen to your learning objectives and expectations, and give recommendations on the changes that should be made to the content of the course to meet your needs.

What if the participants’ skill level varies?

In case of a group with a mixed level of skills, the solution can be to divide participants into two separate groups or to organise a compensatory course for some employees. We are aware, that this isn’t always possible, so when the group ‘s skills vary, we try to adjust the pace and level of advancement so that each participant can benefit from the training session. We may provide additional exercises to some participants or provide exercises with varying levels of difficulty.

Do you organize individual training?

Yes, it is possible to book a private training for 1-2 people, but its cost will be quite high. In this case, a remote training might be appropriate. We also encourage you to take a look at upcoming Public courses.

Can the training be carried out using my company’s data?

Yes, we can deliver a training that is partially or fully using company’s data.

Do you offer courses in a city X?

We offer training in the entire United Kingdom and abroad. We can deliver a training on-site or at study sites provided by us.

Public training courses

How to sign up for a public training course?

Contact us and let us know which courses are you interested in. After working out the details we will send you an application form. For more information about public training, please visit Public courses page.

What is included in the price of the training?

Every participant receives training materials in an electronic version and a certificate of completion. We also provide lunch and refreshments.

How big is the training group?

All public training courses take place in groups of 3-10 people. Thanks to this, we work in a relaxed intimate atmosphere where all participants can ask questions and participate in discussions.

What if the minimum number of participants hasn’t enrolled for the training?

When the minimum required number of participants did not sign up for the training course, we reserve the right to postpone the training session. In such case, you can take part in the training at later date or cancel it.  If you decide to cancel your participation due to changing the date of the offered training, we will refund your fee fully.

What are the training hours?

Typically, the training day takes place during standard business hours and lasts 8h.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Most participants usually prefer to work on their own computers, but this isn’t necessary. If you would like us to provide you with a training computer, all you need to do, is to let us know when applying for our training.

Can I cancel or postpone my participation in the training session?

If for some reason you cannot take part in the training, please let us know. You can cancel up to 14 days before the training’s starting date to get a full refund. If you decide to cancel your participation less than 14 days before the training, you will have to pay 50% of the training fee.

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