Tableau Desktop – Data Visualization and Dashboards

Tableau Desktop - Data Visualization and Dashboards

Public courses


- Anyone can join the training
- Course outline as presented on the website
- Small groups, 3-10 people

Private courses

Price set individually

- Training workshop just for your team
- You choose date and location of the training
- Course outline tailored to your needs

About the training

Lately, the ability to use Tableau is one of the most needed skills in labour market. During our training you will not only learn how to use it but also how to create inspiring visualizations of data. It will give you an opportunity to make presentations which can help in convincing others to your analyses. Creating easy to understand graphs and dashboards, conditional formatting, conjunction of graphs or graphic presentations in Tableu are only a few skills that you will acquire during our training. One of the tasks that you will have to do is an analytical project which will help you solidify acquired knowledge of using Tableau.

Who is this training for?

The training is aimed at people who make use of Tableau to create visualizations and especially for Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Statisticians, Data Analysts, Project Managers and Business Intelligence Developers.

What will I learn?

  • Choose the right visualization to data and analytical problem
  • Create simple to interpret visualizations
  • Load and manipulate data in Tableau Desktop
  • Perform tasks like filtering, annotations etc.
  • Create advanced data visualizations in a simple way
  • Understand and perform statistical data analysis using statistical functions and table calculations
  • Use parameters to create interactive visualizations
  • Generate Maps
  • Create dashboards full of actions such as highlight, filters etc
  • Integrate Tableau with R to get more sophisticated data analysis techniques

Course outline

  1. Getting started with Tableau Desktop 
  2. Connecting to data and data management in Tableau
  3. Basic Visualizations
  4. Data manipulations to produce better visualizations
  5. Advanced plots– KPI and other important measures for business
  6. Time series plots
  7. Statistics and forecasting – basics of business analytics
  8. Mapping data on maps
  9. Actions – interactive dashboards
  10. Data storytelling – effective dashboards
  11. Integrating Tableau w R – advanced analytics
  12. Sharing visualizations

Course Curriculum

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