Strategic metrics and analytics in HR

Strategic metrics and analytics in HR

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About the training

Learn how to identify and align metrics to support your organization’s goals and provide decision-makers with greater insight into workforce-related metrics and measurement. This course offers a unique opportunity to get a solid understanding of HR metrics and apply them in business environment. You will learn which metrics are relevant for your strategic business goal and how you should implement them. Due to the applicability of the course, you will be able to immediately apply your new skills and insights to your organization.

Metrics in HR departments are extremely important and provide a basis for analysis. They should not be used separate of analysis. Combining metrics with appropriate analytical tools you can turn them into analytics and information into insight. It is the insight that produces value, not the metric itself. Primary purpose of analytics is to support and improve decision making so there is a need to choose and report metric that lead to action. Typically today HR departments overproduce data and information yet provide little to no insight that achieves this primary purpose.

Many metrics are useful to those responsible to manage an HR process because they provide insights into process improvement opportunities. But these metrics may not be useful or important to line management. Identifiaction of appropriate audience for each metric becomes a challenge and therefore an important component of HR process. Identifying the handful of analytics that connect Human Capital management to organization strategy and key goals and objectives is the most important step you can take in making metrics meaningful to your organization.

Who is this training for?

This course is for anyone interested in preparing for the role of an HR analytics consultant, HR analytics lead or any role similar to these. This course is relevant and appropriate for HR professionals, HR Managers Data Scientists and Analyst.

What will I learn?

  • Align workforce metrics with business strategy, goals and objectives
  • Uncover the potential in your data to shape HR strategy in your organization
  • Determine the right data to collect
  • Define appropriate metric to functional area
  • Understand which metric is relevant and understand its impact
  • Build and executr your implementation plan
  • Define and manage HR scorecard
  • Learn how to analyse HR data and get actionable insight from data
  • Benchmark HR metrics

Course outline

  1. HR role in business strategy and goals
    • Business Scorecard and KPIs
    • Reasons for measurements
    • HR value chain measurement
    • HR scorecard
  2. HR Scorecard
    • HR data and components of metrics
    • Different measures in metrics
    • HR measurement model
    • Measures and elements of HR scorecard
    • Developing HR Strategy Map and connecting to the Scorecard
  3. HR metrics implementation
    • Building the business case for HR metrics
    • Understand which metrics you will need and data quality related issues
    • Examples of application
  4. HR metrics in business functional areas
    • Strategic management – Return analyses, HR management, Financial management
    • Worforce Planning and staffing
    • Talent management – development, training, performance management, succession planning
    • Rewards – pay, benefits
    • Employee relations
    • Risk management
  5. HR Analytics and dashboards
    • Benchmarking HR metrics
    • From scorecards to dashboards
    • Dashboards layouts and best practices
    • Case studies
    • Decision making impact

Course Curriculum

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