Predictive Analytics in HR

Predictive Analytics in HR

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About the training

Predictive analytics in HR training course show you how to run analyses with different type of HR-related data. Practical examples guide you through the statistical models and tests required for each type of analysis. Using the software of your choice you will be you will be able to immediately apply your new skills and insights within your organization.

This intermediate-level training course offers a solid understanding of HR predictive analytics and through numerous examples provide good understanding of statistical methods applied to HR analytics.

Who is this training for?

This course is for anyone working in the human resource function or management information who wants to unlock the enormous potential that exists in finding patterns and relationships between key pieces of information held about people and teams. This course is for you if you are in charge of HR analytics or just starting and want to improve data analytics in HR departments.  This course is relevant and appropriate for HR professionals, HR Managers Data Scientists and Analyst.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the importance of predictive HR analytics
  • Learn about the nature of HR data and convert into workable form to analyse using different softwares
  • Learn about statistical techniques – models, inferential statistics, significance
  • Interpret results of statistical model and turn them into actionable insights
  • Apply statistical methods to analyse employee attitude and engagement, turnover, performance amd recruitment data
  • Learn more advanced techniques and models and get the most out of the analysis in terms of predictive modelling
  • Learn about potential problems, limitations and challenges in the HR analytics

Course outline

  1. Introduction to HR analytics
    • Defining HR analytics need in business
    • Big data in Human Capital analytics
    • Predictive modeling methods– state of art
    • Tools for predictive analytics
    • Predictive analytics implementation in HR and benefits
    • Case studies
  2. Data in HR analytics
    • Data storage, integrity
    • Types of data – categorical and continous variables
    • Data hierarchy – team, role, individual level
    • Data preprocessing – from raw data to analytical datasets
    • Choosing the right variables for analysis
  3. Analytical methods
    • Exploratory data analysis
    • Visualization techniques
    • Statistical tests
    • Exploratory Factor Analysis
    • Forecasting methods
    • Classification methods
  4. Employee surveys
    • Measuring employee engagement
    • Engagement evaluation using factor analysis
    • Determining differences in engagement with statistical tests
    • Predicting team-level engagement
  5. Employee turnover
    • Measuring turnover at individual and team level
    • Measuring the costs of turnover
    • Exploring differences in staff turnover with frequency tables
    • Exploring differences in staff turnover with chi-square tests
    • Using ANOVA to analyse turnover
    • Predicting turnover at team and individual level
  6. Employee performance
    • Performance indicators
    • Predicting performance with linear regression
  7. Recruitment analytics
    • Quantitative approach to selection
    • Selection techniques
    • Predicting performance and turnover using recruitment data
  8. Scenario modeling
    • Predictive modeling using scenario approach
    • Modelling the impact of training programme
    • Measuring risk of turnover
  9. Ethical considerations
    • Ehtical standatds for the HR analytics team
    • The importance of quality data and measures
    • Metrics as behaviour driver

Course Curriculum

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