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The value of the company is in its people. This is why providing a wide range of training programs that increase the companies’ human capital is our mission. We provide training courses in data science, data analysis, statistics, econometrics, machine learning and computer programming. Our trainers have both the theoretical knowledge as well as years of hands-on experience and, what is the most important, they enjoy sharing it with others via training and consultancy. What makes our courses unique, is the flexibility and the individual approach to every customer. The training program, date, venue, and price are all set individually. We offer on-site (our classroom or client’s premises) and remote training courses. After each course, we offer free technical support in the area that was covered during the training.

About Bluemetrica

We have been delivering data science and statistics training courses since 2014. Our main focus is on R, Python, Spark and emerging technologies such as Julia. We offer high-quality courses and an excellent customer service.

Data analysis and predictive models are our passion, therefore we approach each task and training with great enthusiasm and full professionalism. Let us know what analysis or training your company requires – we are excited to start working on your project!


Our mission is to provide professional training courses and analyses that will allow our customers to work efficiently and grow.


Data analysis isn’t just our job, it is our passion. We approach each problem individually and with full commitment, always trying to suggest the best solution. The scope, date, place and price of our services are always set individually. The solutions we propose are innovative, use the latest technologies and are in line with the best practices. We believe that companies making a good use of their data have a great competitive advantage and potential for growth.


We always offer free support after the training. If you have any questions concerning topic discussed during the training you can contact your trainer and ask for help!

Our team

We are experts in data science, statistics, econometrics, and computer science. Data is our passion and we like sharing it with others. We have gained our experience working for international companies and governmental institutions. With each project and training, we further learn and develop. Whether it is an introductory training course or a complex forecasting model we are excited to help you and your company.

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