Private training courses

This type of training is an ideal solution for companies looking for customized training, designed for their individual needs. Your company can decide on a date and place of the training.

Before the start of a course, the trainer will discuss the training objectives with you and adjust the program accordingly. It is also possible to create a training based on your company data.

After the course, each participant receives training materials and a certificate of Completion of the Course.

How to register for a private training course?

  1. Let us know what training you are looking for. How many participants want to attend the training? What are your objectives?
  2. You will receive a preliminary offer from us.
  3. If necessary, we organize a teleconference with the trainer who will help you to set up your training objectives and modify the course to suit your needs.
  4. You accept the final offer and register for the training.
  5. Training – both before and after the training, we send a questionnaire to find out how well we have met your training objectives and your expectations, and whether you are satisfied with the course.

4 reasons to choose a private training

  • The date and place of the training are set individually.
  • We can deliver the training at your premises.
  • A personalized training program, tailored to your needs.
  • Private training can be delivered based on your company data.

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